Packs, Tours & Activities in Lisbon and around

Activity Packages vs Tours

If you reasonably trust your knowledge about your travel destination, you can book tours directly on the booking platforms, doing them privately or shared with strangers, and arrange the rest of the activities on your own.
If you prefer to have someone local at the destination to prepare a package of activities just for you and your group and help you structure your time to make the best use of it, then opt for buying an activity package.

Our Activity Packages

Each activity package is scheduled for two or more days, allowing you and your group to enjoy a stress-free stay in Lisbon.
The tours, transportation and walking tours are provided by us. Some activities done by third parties are included in the program of the tours, enriching the travel experience.
Transportation is provided in a 7-seat Mercedes Vito van. 
For packages of more than one day, accommodation can also be provided. We make activity packages tailored to your travel plans.
Tickets for activities done by third parties are not included in the price.
The prices of our activity packages are cheaper than the tours sold on booking platforms. Tell us what you would like to do!


If you visit Lisbon for two or three days, consider our suggestions below where we can help you make the most of your short stay and give you unforgettable memories.
You can also design an activity package to your liking and leave the rest to us!
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To visit this stunning place and enjoy the lush secular forest that surrounds it, during your trip to Portugal, you cannot stay in Lisbon. You will have to take a trip of several days in which you will be taken back to the great moments of Portugal's history.
In this case you could even stay in this building since it is a historic hotel!
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