Portugal's military history is one of the oldest in Europe and dates back to the founding of the country in the twelfth century. Although many of the conflicts in which Portugal participated did not occur in mainland Portuguese territory, there are several moments in the history of Portugal in which the conflicts that has determined the country's future, took place on the Continent.
Noteworthy are the various episodes of the war of reconquest in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, the civil wars of the twelfth and fourteenth centuries, the wars with Castile before and during the war of independence of 1883-1385. In the 16th and 17th centuries new conflicts with Spain ended in the Restoration War and in the early 19th century Napoleon's armies invaded Portugal.
Two decades later between 1828 and 1834 a new civil war between two princes of the kingdom, supported by the opposing forces of the Absolutist Conservatives and the Constitutionalist Liberals. Several places in Portugal's military history are well preserved and have been the subject of museological treatment.
If you like to know the places of military history, where the strategies and tactics of each era were applied, the buildings and the architecture used, come with us visiting the places we suggest below.