Visiting two baroque palaces and the scenic Atlantic coastline in Ericeira


Private Tour 7 hours Fees not included
Price per tour 1-3 p 320€ 4-5 p 390€ 6-7 p 450€


The Queluz Palace known as the Portuguese Versalles and the Palace of Mafra remain intact to tell us about the history and life of that time.The 18th century brought to Portugal a period of great wealth and also great misfortune. The gold that flowed prodigally from Brazil and the 1755 earthquake were the main responsible for these opposite situations.
The majority of the great buildings that witnessed the splendorous way of life of the nobility and court at that time were dramatically destroyed by the earthquake.

In this tour we will visit the National Palace of Queluz, built in the 17th century by Peter, the brother of King Joseph I, it became a royal palace when he married his niece Maria, daughter of the king.

It was the site of the great festivals of the idle and rich nobility, of bullfights, fireworks, music concerts and sumptuous dancing serenades. This palace was also a witness of the dramatic moments that preceded the escape of the royal family to Brazil during the first Napoleonic invasion and witnessed the birth and death of the emperor of Brazil Pedro I as well.

Heading to Mafra we will visit the largest Portuguese palatial complex, which consists of two palaces, a convent and a basilica that was built by King John V between 1717 and 1734.
This magnanimous work was built unimaginably far from Lisbon and consumed gigantic resources. In its construction were mobilized 52 000 workers and  many of the best European artists of that time.

Leaving Mafra and before coming back to Lisbon we'll still have time to visit Ericeira, a traditional fishing village also known by its wonderful beaches and as surf reputed spot.


1 - Leave Lisbon to the National Palace of Queluz
2 - Visit to the palace and its gardens
3 - Travel to Mafra town 
4 - Visit to the Basilica (closed tuesday)
5 - Lunch at a local restaurant previously booked (optional)
6 - Visit to the Mafra monumental complex, Convent and palace (closed tuesday)
7 - Visit to the coastline of Ericeira
8 - Visit to the surf beach of Ribeira d'Ilhas
9 - Crossing of Ericeira village by the coast route
10 - Return to Lisbon


Queluz Palace 10 € pp   Mafra Palace  6 € pp