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Outing exploring Lisbon's Forest Park


Private Tour 7 hours Entrances not  included
Price per Tour 2-3 p 180€   4-5 p 220€ 6-7 p 290€


Did you know that there is a beautiful Forest Park inside Lisbon?
Strongly fostered by the City Council, the Monsanto Forest Park is a public space where the lush Nature welcomes us for the practice of countless activities, such as hiking, adventure sports, running, cycling, bird watching or outdoor concerts, etc.
Endowed with children playgrounds, picnic spots and an Interpretation Center, the park offers the opportunity to learn about the animal life, the flora and the history of this wonderful site.

Bring your family or friends to meet this idyllic place, well known by locals, but far off the touristy atmosphere of Lisbon.
In this outing I'll reveal you pathways to hidden nooks, amazing lookouts and old disguised quarries.
Once sought by the nobility of Lisbon for its calm and cool ambience, Monsanto inherited palaces and manor houses. Our day will start by visiting a 17th century palace's garden richly embellished with tiles and topiary arrangements. Linked to the Restorarion War, this architecture masterpiece will let me introduce you the time Portugal was ruled by Spain.
Walking the water route we'll reach the 300 years old Lisbon Aqueduct, that resisted the earthquake.


1 - Starts in Lisbon at your accommodation
2 - Park Edward 7th belvedere
3 - Visit to the gardens of Fronteira Palace
4 - Visit to the Interpretation Center of Monsanto Forest Park
5 - Strolling across the Parque do Calhau to visit the Aqueduct of Lisbon
6 - visit to the old quarries transformed in Adventure Park
7 - Time for lunch
8 - Walking across Alameda Keil do Amaral to the Moinho do Penedo Lookout
9 - Walking visit around the Jerónimos Monastery in Belém district

Along the journey we can reserve some time to visit the Oceanarium considered the world best oceanarium by the Tripadvisor in 2017.