Wine, Cellars & Vineyards

Portugal is one of the largest wine producers in Europe.
For many centuries there has been wine production in the territory that has been Portugal for nine hundred years.
The excellent conditions of some regions regarding soil, climate and abundance of sunlight allow the production of excellent wines. Very well known are the wines of Douro, Dão, Alentejo, Setúbal, Algarve, etc ..
Growing wine-focused tourism demand has led to the development of wine tourism in many of the country's wineries, which are thus prepared to welcome wine experts and enthusiasts.
Wine tasting in and around Lisbon, as well as other vineyard and wine experiences can be organized, among others, at the following wineries: Adega de Colares in Sintra, Quinta da Bacalhoa, Quinta do Piloto, Quinta da Cartuxa, Quinta do Gradil, etc.

If you are interested in organizing a private tour involving one or more of these wineries, please contact us