Boat trip in the Tagus, looking for the river's old traditions

The Tagus is the largest river in the Iberian Peninsula, is born in Spain at an altitude of 1593 m in the Albarracim mountain range in the Iberian Cordillera and after a course of about 1,000 km, empties into the Atlantic Ocean forming an estuary in Lisbon.
On its banks were founded throughout history, important Portuguese and Spanish cities, where they stand out in Portugal, Lisbon, Santarém and Abrantes.
The Tagus is a witness to the history of the territories it crosses, has always been the base livelihood for countless human communities, witnessed great events, was sailed by invaders and its waters were furrowed by ships of all ages, shapes and origins.
Knowing a little of what the Tagus can tell us about the past life of the communities living on the river banks is one of the goals of these day trips.
Whether by boat or by car, we will admire the Tagus and its banks, looking for its natural beauty and the stories it can tell us. We can visit the stilt villages of the Avieiros fishermen, tidal mills, salt pans, old codfish drying facilities, bird and wild horse watching, or the noble sunny farms that enjoyed the magnificent views of the Tagus.
Plan with us a memorable day away from the crowds of tourists visiting the capital.
Ask us for a tailor made program and budget for a day trip around the Tagus River.